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Viper 640 One-Design Sportboat

Advantage Boating is a Viper 640 dealer representative. We work closely with the builder and the class association to provide sales and service support. 

Accessible Performance

There’s a reason why the Viper 640 is the fastest growing sportboat in North America and it can be summed up as Accessible Performance!

The Viper’s modern design and construction result in a 21’, 749 lbs., high performance sportboat that combines the stiffness of a keelboat with the acceleration and planing abilities of a dinghy.

The Viper 640 appeals to a wide range of sailors.  Seasoned racers find its speed, precise and exhilarating feel, and competitive one-design racing irresistible.  Novices take comfort in its simplicity and forgivingness.  The young and young-at-heart enjoy the clean wide-open cockpit and the fact that you don’t have to be an athletic gorilla to sail this boat.

Viper 640

Need for speed.

Crew/Family friendly

Talk about comfortable.  The deck layout is simple, clean, and eff­ective, with no protruding hardware and everything placed for efficiency.   There’s no hanging off lifelines or scrambling over cabin tops.  Everyone sits facing in on comfortable rounded tanks and within easy reach of all controls.  The reverse vang (gnav) and lack of centerboard trunk makes getting to the other side unobstructed and bruise free.  Instead of loading up when a puff hits, the Viper accelerates, keeping sheet loads very manageable, even in heavy winds.  This truly makes the Viper a family friendly boat as evidenced by the many teams that actively sail and race with their spouses and children.


Don't just take our word for it...

“Make no mistake about it: the Viper 640 is a fast and exciting ride”
“The Viper is my personal far the best all around 20’ Sportsboat...faster and clean, a better value!
- Mr. Clean – Sailing Anarchy -


Owner friendly

The Viper 640 really does make owning a boat very low-hassle.  The challenge of rounding up crew is all but eliminated.  Crew come to you to sail on the Viper, and you only need 2 – 4 people in total.  The Viper is affordable and the cost of ownership is low.  Class rules prohibit modifications and restrict sail purchases, so there’s no ‘arms race’ to finance.  The Viper is light enough to be towed by most compact cars so the need for a specialized tow vehicle is eliminated.  To minimize regatta expenses, some owners use a stacking trailer to tow two Vipers behind a mid-sized vehicle, such as a minivan.


The Viper 640 strikes the right balance of adjustability and simplicity.  Everyone gets a ‘string’ to pull, yet it’s not so complex that you need to be a rocket scientist or consult a manual to sail it.

Using the spinnaker has never been easier.  It’s asymmetrical and flies off a retractable carbon fibre bow-sprit.  A gybe is as simple as releasing the sheet and trimming in the sail on the other side.  Setting and retrieving the spinnaker is straightforward.  The Viper uses a halyard-retrieval line system that launches and retrieves the spinnaker from a tube at the bow.  No more yanking the sail down from the rail and no more re-packing.

Setup is easy too.  The carbon fibre mast is easily stepped with one or two people.  The boat can be rigged in under half an hour and it can be ramp or crane launched with a single point lifting harness.


“When you ­first take off downwind on the Viper, you realize that the boat is fast, real fast... and then the perma-grin sets in as the fun-meter gets pegged.”
- Scott Nixon – Championship Sailor, Quantum Sails -

Viper 640

Performance keelboat sailing.


Want speed?  This thing’s got it!  It’s one of the fastest in the 20’ sportboat segment.  It’s common to be doing double-digits on the knot meter – blowing past 35 footers – while under full control.

The Viper performs well in a wide range of wind conditions.  While other boats get ‘stuck’, the Viper ghosts along effortlessly in the lightest whisper of wind.  When the wind picks up, the Viper kicks into hyper (or is that Viper?) gear and you realize what makes the Viper so special.  The hull’s form stability, the sleek bulb-keel, narrow bow for fine entry, and custom designed carbon mast with ‘auto’ gust response, ensure the Viper remains in control at high speeds.


Want to race?  Picking the right boat suited to the type of racing you want is important.  If you fancy racing across the ocean, this isn’t the boat.  But if local club racing and/or regional and national events appeal to you, look no further.  Whether racing one-design or handicap, the Viper was born to race... and win!

The Viper Class has established several racing circuits across North America, providing many opportunities to race at club and top-level events.  Competition is deep.  But don’t let that intimidate you; Viper sailors are very friendly and helpful.  In fact, at many events the ‘outside assistance’ rule is waived, allowing Class sanctioned assistants to coach the back of the fleet.  This, combined with on-shore debriefs by the event’s top performers, ensures that everyone gets ‘up to speed’ and racing is kept tight.  Nobody gets left behind.


“There’s a new kid on the block.  The Viper 640 offers every bit of the excitement of the Melges 24.  Fast, close racing, big fleets, a great supportive builder and Class Association that rivals any other... Go Viper!”
- John Porter – 2x US Finn National and NA Champ
Former Melges 24 Class President -

640 Racing

Lots of great one design racing.


Viper owners are supported by a strong, dedicated, and accessible Class Association that is run by volunteer Viper owners and crew.  The designer, Brian Bennett, is also actively involved in the Class and supporting its members.  Visit to find out more.

The Viper 640 is built and backed by Rondar Race Boats who has earned a reputation as a pre-eminent builder of fast one-design race boats, since 1965.  Advantage Boating is a Viper 640 dealer representative for Rondar, working closely with the builder and the class association to provide sales and service support.  Contact us for any of your Viper needs. 

When you buy a Viper, you join a family of helpful, knowledgeable, and fun enthusiasts.

Not looking to buy?  Contact us about charter and sail-share opportunities.

The proof is in the TEST DRIVE
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613-721-8683 or toll free 1-877-934-SAIL (7245)


Viper 640 Logo

Length Overall (LOA)


6.40 m



2.49 m


749 lbs.

340 kgs.

Ballast(lifting bulb keel)

271 lbs.

123 kgs.

Draft (keel down)


1.37 m

Draft (keel up)


0.56 m

Sail Area (main & jib)

252 ft2

23.4 m2

Sail Area (spinnaker)

425 ft2

39.5 m2

The Viper 640 passes the stringent ‘self righting’ test in the European Recreation Craft Directive and the International Stability and Buoyancy Standard ISO 122178.


Rondar Race Boats


Brian Bennett