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Basic Cruising (Ottawa course formats)

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VHF Radio (classroom or homestudy).

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Learn to Sail

Whether you're a complete novice or you already have some sailing experience, our on-the-water courses are designed to make you a safe, skilled and confident sailor.

Sail Canada Standards

Most of our on-the-water sailing courses follow the curriculum of the Sail Canada. When you successfully complete a course you achieve the Sail Canada Standard for that course. Proof of this achievement is recognized by boating associations, facilities and charter operations around the World.

Learn to Cruise vs Learn to Sail

Following the Sail Canada system our sailing courses are divided into two streams: Learn to Cruise and Learn to Sail. The program you choose depends on the type of sailing you intend to do.

Learn to Cruise (Keelboats)

The Learn-to-Cruise Levels are taught aboard keelboats (Sonar, Mirage, Shark, Tanzer, C&C, CS etc.). A keelboat is larger in size then a dinghy. It has a large (lead or steel) fin attached to the bottom of the boat, called a keel, that does the work of keeping the boat upright. A keelboat ususally has a motor, cabin with sleeping, eating and toilet facilities. Keelboats can be used for extended trips or leisurely outings.

The various courses are taught aboard boats that range in size from 22 to 40 feet in length. All boats are safe, comfortable and a pleasure to sail.

Each course has a maximum of 4 students, thereby giving everyone lots of practical hands-on time in each of the different positions on the boat.

The beginners course in this system is Basic Cruising.


Learn to Sail (Dinghies)

The Learn-to-Sail program teaches the skills necessary to handle small boats called dinghies (Lasers, Sunfish, Albacores, Echos, 420's etc.). Typically dinghies range for 6 feet to 18 feet in length, sailed by one or two people, have no cabin and are used for day sailing.
A dinghy requires the weight of the skipper/crew to keep the boat upright and prevent it from capsizing.

The beginners course in this system is CANSail 1 & 2.


Sonar Profile One of our Ottawa based Sonars, a 23-foot keelboat, used during our Basic Cruising programs.
Capsize Dinghy Capsize Practice using a 420 dinghy, (14 feet long) during our CANSail programs.