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Register for all three of the following courses:

Basic Cruising (Ottawa course formats)

Coastal Navigation (classroom or on-line), and

VHF Radio (classroom or homestudy).

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Learn-to-Power Program

Become an educated boater. Enrol in our hands-on powerboating course that lead to certification by the Sail Canada.

Why take a course?

  • Safety - yours and your loved ones
  • To become a more responsible powerboater
  • Insurance discounts
  • Proper use of equipment reduces maintenance costs
  • Government legislation now requires powerboat operator certification effective April 1, 1999



Basic Powerboat course on the Ottawa river.

Basic Powerboat

A 10 hour practical course taught privately aboard your powerboat. Learn safety procedures, navigation, seamanship, maintenance and trouble shooting along with trailering and water sports.


OPTIONS Custom schedule.

FEE $   345.00 + HST (includes text)  

OBJECTIVE To be able to operate safely in local waters as skipper of a craft over 6 meters and powered by an outboard engine over 75 hp (55 kW).

CERTIFICATION AWARDED Sail Canada Basic Powerboat Standard and Pleasure Craft Operator's Card.

NEXT STEPS Coastal Navigation, VHF Certificate

SPECIAL OFFERS Take a look at our 'Wannabe Boater' Package

SCHEDULE - Subject to instructor availability.