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Wannabe Boater Package

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Register for all three of the following courses:

Basic Cruising (Ottawa course formats)

Coastal Navigation (classroom or on-line), and

VHF Radio (classroom or homestudy).

Wannabe Boater

Register at the same time to prepare yourself for the sailing 'lifestyle' and you qualify for a 10% discount off each course!

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Exam Schedule

Do you still need to come and complete your Sail Canada certification or your home study course? Are you looking to obtain your Boater's Card by challenging the test?

Select Wednesday evenings as noted below. Please call (613-721-8683) the school office to confirm your attendance so that we may arrange for sufficient seating.

If you are not able to come to an exam night, call for an exam appointment during regular school office hours.

FEE included with your course

Exam Room opens at 6:30 pm, we start writing at 7:00 pm SHARP!
Bring with you a pen/pencil (and a calculator does not hurt).


Day Date Location Notes
Wednesday April 8 Britannia Yacht Club, second floor Room opens at 6:30pm
Wednesday June 24 Britannia Yacht Club, second floor Room opens at 6:30pm