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Canadian Yachting Association

CYA LogoThe CYA is the national non-profit governing body for yachting in Canada. Its mandate is to promote and encourage Canadians to participate in the sport of yachting.

It represents over 300 yacht clubs, 60 sailing associations and schools, 150,000 racing enthusiasts and more than 1,000,000 recreational sailors across Canada.

Student Certification & Course Standards

For the past 60 years, the Association has developed a wide variety of sailing programs including standards for courses in dinghy, keelboat, windsurfing, race management and judge training.

The menu at the top of the page lists many of the standards that have been developed by the CYA. Courses are offered throughout the sailing season by CYA member clubs and schools across Canada.

National Programs

The CYA consists of seven divisions:

  1. Training Division is responsible for all training programs offered by the CYA including dinghy, cruising, windsurfing, judges and race officers;
  2. One Design Division is responsible for competitive sailing in dinghys, catamarans and keelboats;
  3. Cruising Division is responsible for cruising in larger boats and safety;
  4. Windsurfing Division is responsible for windsurfing competition and participation;
  5. Canadian Sailing Teams Division is responsible for developing and maintaining the national sailing team and selecting team members for the Olympic and Pan American Games;
  6. Marketing Division is responsible for public relations, publications, merchandising, membership, sponsorship;
  7. Administrative Division is responsible for the management and operations of CYA.

The Association also hosts a variety of national and regional sailing competitions such as the Canadian Women's Championship, Canadian Youth Championship, Sail East and Sail West. It is also responsible for the operation of the Canadian Sailing Team and Canada's participation in international sailing competitions such as the Olympic and Pan American Games.

The Association is affiliated throughout Canada with the provincial sailing associations who deliver programs at the provincial level and provide a regional contact for clubs and members.

For further information on CYA services and programs, please write to the head office at:

Canadian Yachting Association
Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
53 Yonge Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 6G4

or visit them at